Pastel Paintings

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Landscape has always held a fascination in my life’s work.  Landscape embraces hearts with its contradictions: still versus turbulent, bright versus deep, complex versus simple.  There is an unruly disorderly natural world out there, but there is also the counterpoint of subdued quiet.  These pastel paintings are from an artist’s aesthetic drawn primarily to natural settings with minimal human influence.  The art work celebrates place, and engenders the physical and emotional experiential part of being there.  My hope is to build a relationship between the viewer and these landscape treasures to promote a response for preservation of these important resources for the eye, heart, mind, and future.

Margaret Garrington

There was an interesting article about my use of sketch books. Click here to read it.

Article about my participation in “Artists in Residence at Crater Lake National Park.” Click here to read it.


8 responses

27 01 2009
Cynthia Wolf

Hello Margaret,
I saw your work on the website of the gallery that represents you in Ashland and love your beautiful work! Amazing color and glow!

14 04 2010
Francisco Salas

Hello Margaret, here I am, in Chile.
I look at your works on the internet, they are lovely and nice, but that´s not all, I found something difficult to say, in simple words, when you arrive at this point the work is more than nice colors and representation of the reality, when you find this, your work becomes and finds the real ART.
I hope your reply.
Francisco Salas

29 04 2010
Sherry Cordle

I read your submission in the Oregon Stories book and looked you up in Google. I just want to let you know that I think your pastels are absolutely beautiful. You have a wonderful talent.

19 05 2010

Hi Sherry,
Thank you for your really nice comments. It always helps to hear people appreciate my work.

20 07 2011
dennis galloway

I made an interesting high-resolution panorama of your installation in Eugene after I photographed Jud’s show.

Let me know if you would like to see it.

20 07 2011
Margaret Garrington

Of course!

2 11 2011

HI your pictures were lovely do you ahve any tips on the best white pastels sticks to use I would be very grateful as I work on velouer paper.

14 12 2011
Margaret Garrington

The richest white pastel sticks are those made by Schminke or Sennelier. However, please note the softer pastels sometimes do not adhere very well to traditional velour paper, and fixative doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have only had luck on velour paper using the harder pastels, like nu pastel. I do find the LaCarte pastel paper has a sort of velour feel but holds all pastels much better, with little or no use of fixative.

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