LOOZA Bottle Project

LOOZA BottleProject’s final installation is now on view in the Thorndike Gallery at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon through February 24th, 2012.  After much thought, it seemed best to keep the spirit of collaboration alive by selling the installation and donating the proceeds to the Public Art Commission for acquisition of public art in the City of Ashland.

LOOZA BottleProject has 15 individual black frame boxes, each is a lovely part of LOOZA embodying the spirit of the installation.  One or more frame boxes are suitable for hanging in a home, office, or institution.  The frames are 33 by 36 inches, each with 24 bottles, and numbered on the right side.

You may start with a minimum bid of $100 for the frame box of your choice by emailing me at margar@mind.net with your bid amount and chosen box number. The bidding process will be tracked and you will be updated by email as to its status.  Final bids must be received by February 20th, 2012 and you will be notified of the results.

The LOOZA BottleProject art installation was shown at the Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, Oregon for 6 weeks the summer of 2011.

LOOZA BottleProject art installation at the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Jackson County Fair in the summer of 2009 was a complete blowout success.  Thousands of  people saw the installation  in the new Mace Technology Pavilion.   Click Flickr to see photos.

The inaugural Looza BottleProject installation at Hanson Howard Gallery was a wonderful success. Thanks to all who supported the Project. 

Would you like to find out how to display the project in your venue? Email me at margar@mind.net.


YOU TUBE: If you want to see a few short You Tube videos, click on the links below:

1) Looza Intro by Margaret Garrington – Filmed at the Hanson Howard Gallery Before the Opening
Looza on You Tube

2) A Looza Spectator Comments – Filmed at the Hanson Howard Gallery As Show Was Hung
Gallery Visitor talks about the Looza Bottle Project

3) A PDF File of the LOOZA Bottle Project Presentation
LOOZA Presentation Book June09

View the KDRV TV clip.


See the article in the Ashland Daily Tidings Visit:


Click here: Ashland Daily Tiding Article – Oct 27, 2007


The LOOZA Bottle Project is a collaborative art installation where throwaway materials are re-purposed.  The project spotlights consumption habits, and the democratic concept of the creativity inherent in all.   LOOZA collaborators respond to the geometry of the glass vessel form filling it uniquely with the most humble of materials.  The 372 bottles ended up being many different things:  rhythmic, colorful, patterned, layered, sparkly, humorous, compassionate, obsessive, homage, structural, engineered, etc.


The project’s design stemmed from my being taken with the lovely form of a glass juice container: LOOZA fruit juice. We don’t think much about this in our daily lives, but behind everything packaged there is an artist/designer. Most packaging has a utilitarian requirement that is met with a great lack of aesthetics, but product design is sometimes raised to a level of art. Whoever designed the LOOZA bottle has an aesthetic I can appreciate. Because recycling these bottles to be crushed somehow felt wrong, I kept them one by one.


As a painter of contemporary landscapes with serious concerns about conservation and preservation of the environment, my best is done to reduce, recycle, reuse, or compost. How could these concepts be addressed in an art piece? Rather than recycling, how could LOOZA Bottles be re-purposed? The shape of the bottles made me think of how the forms might be arranged in a wall composition of glass containers. Then it struck me to start saving bits and pieces of things being thrown away and filling bottles with one kind of thing eg: tea bag covers, rubber bands, twist ties, plastic lids, corks, blue plastic bags, German Shepherd dog hair, dryer lint, shredded paper, etc. etc. Re-purposing taken to a level of art, the LOOZA Bottle Project was envisioned as a wall of 200 stacked bottles.

Project Progression:

One year in, and there were limits to my trash and ability to drink enough juice.  Friends saw the bottles and wanted to be involved but to be successful the project needed lots of momentum.  Newspaper articles asked the community at large for creative contributions to the project. Then the LOOZA distributor, Pepsico, donated 140 juice filled bottles to distribute with the help of Hanson Howard Gallery.  Two years and with the creatively bottled trash of over 100 contributors the LOOZA Bottle Project is complete.  It is an art experience.

  • If you have any questions, or would like to find out how to display the project in your venue, email me at margar@mind.net

3 responses

1 12 2008
Kathleen Semrad

I saw what I think was the beginning of this project at the Hanson Howard Gallery while visiting Ashland earlier this year and was delighted with what I envisioned it would ultimately be! Congratulations on the installation!

What fun!


14 12 2008
matthew harrison smith

sweet. i have been collecting materials from my office to re-purpose or upcycle in a creative manner. your project is an inspiration.

i have little straws (red), tons of staples(silver) cd spindles(clear and black and used as containers) and removable tape cores (blue).

all i have noticed so far is the staples clump together in the cd spindles i store them in. i think they would “clump” differently if collected in different containers.

i hope i can see your exhibit one day. there or if it would travel to boise, idaho.

14 05 2009
Filip Dewulf

Dear madam,

I am head of the Production Plant in Belgium where all the Looza products are produced. I am impressed with your work and the pictures I saw. It would be great if we could hang in our factory some pictures of your work or even some of the real work that you have showen in the exposition.

It would make our people proud knowing that our products can be so lovely and impressive if you see them in a totally other environment then we know them day to day.

Could you let me know, if you see any possibilities to arrange something.
+32 475 69 17 86

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